Elephant Safari Jaipur

Elephant Safari Jaipur

Jaipur, the capital city of Rajasthan is well-known for its elephants in addition to the Elephant Safaris that it offers. These Elephant Safaris are one of the most thrilling ways for you to explore the countryside of the city of Jaipur. Most of these safaris will lead to the Amber Fort which is a private estate located in the green foothills. This is your best bet of getting away from the daily grind of city life and immersing yourself in the peaceful solitude of the countryside with a majestic animal for company. Most of the Elephant Safaris on offer will venture though various villages where you will find the traditional village folk immersed in their everyday activities, the agricultural fields where farmers will toil hard to grow crops for their livelihood, majestic hills that dot the landscape of the countryside in addition to ancient monuments that have stood as a reminder of the glorious past of the great land of India. You can also avail of the overnight camps on offer. Tents will be pitched for you to take shelter in for the night with the big night sky as company. You will also be guided by experts when you mount the elephant. A well-designed seat will provide comfort even as you embark on this journey. The person who will ride the elephant will guide the animal very carefully so that you experience a smooth ride. Most of these elephants are also decked in colourful decorations to give it a royal feeling. It should also be noted that these safari trips also provide you with all your meals along with a bar that is set up at night when the tents are erected for the night. Therefore, with the perfect combination of fun, adventure and relaxation, these Elephant Safaris are a great way to experience what Rajasthan has to offer.

Duration Of The Safari : One Day

Best Time To Go:Available round the year

Highlights Of The Safari

  • Explore the countryside of Jaipur on an Elephant back
  • Visit the glorious Amber Fort in a royal way
  • Catch the glimpse of Pink City's village life
  • Enjoy the company of expert guides
  • Know more about the majestic Elephants