Osian Village Desert Safari

Osian Village Desert Safari Tour Package

The Osian Village Safari is also a perfect way to tour the regions in and around the beautiful city of Jodhpur. Since the people belonging to the Osian clan are eco-friendly people, one can find a variety of flora and fauna. The mix of lush greenery and wildlife is a perfect way to enjoy a vacation. Therefore, by availing the Jeep Safari/Camel safari and more packages on offer, you will get to scour a larger area in a shorter amount of time, thus giving you the time to visit other places of interest in Jodhpur. The various wildlife safari and parks are a great place to discover the rich flora and fauna on offer. There will be an air-conditioned vehicle that will drop you from your hotel to a particular meeting point where a jeep will be waiting for you. The tour guides will brief you on the journey you will take. These Jeep Safaris/Camel safaris will usually cover desert land, rocky areas, and hills in a short span of time, saving you the effort of having to trek.

Duration Of The Safari : One Day

Best Time To Go: Available round the year

Highlights Of The Safari

  • Visit one of the most eco-friendly settlements in Rajasthan
  • Witness vibrant range of flora and fauna in Osian Village
  • Enjoy a Jeep safari/Camel Safari/Village Safari/Desert Safari
  • Cruise through the desert, rugged terrains, and the sand dunes
  • Spend overnight in traditional huts